Pottery Experience

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Pottery Experience

For memories of your trip, for making original works, as a gift for your parents, or for interacting with your children, why don't you experience potter's wheel painting at Awazu Onsen in Hokuriku?

You can experience the joy of touching the soil and creating your own shapes.

In addition, wonderful memories will remain as your child grows. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, you can create your own original creations, such as plates, coffee cups, and hot water only. Please enjoy the excitement when you encounter the baked vessel.

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About Reservations
We also accept participation on the day, so please feel free to contact us.

About the pottery experience
You don't need to bring anything special.
We provide all the clay, potter's wheel, paints, etc. used in the trial course.
If you are concerned about stains on your food, please bring an apron.

Don't worry!
Even beginners can participate with confidence.